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The Ketogenic Bible Book Review

When a pair of the up and coming keto shakers and movers (Ryan Lowery and Jacob Wilson) announced that they were launching a definitive ketogenic resource, I needed to get my hands on it. They were gracious to send over a review copy a few weeks ago, and I finally navigated through this beast.

Seriously, this book is h(y)surge. The review below is my basic overview because if I were to review all parts of the book, I would have to write a book myself without further ado, the Ketogenic Bible Book Review.


Ryan and Jacob provide some of the best information currently available about the ketogenic diet, but they also do so in a way that is incredibly easy to digest. The Ketogenic Bible includes amazing illustrations in almost every chapter that helps you visualize a lot of complex information and see it in a way that is not easy with text.

Actionable Information

An important part of any book, let alone a book on ketosis, is making it actionable. If people read this and don’t do anything about it, then it doesn’t matter, does it? This book provides many actionable tips and plans to help make your ketogenic diet as successful as possible.

The Ketogenic Bible Review Chapter 1: Ketosis Basics

This chapter alone is something I wish people could have for basic information as it would save me tons of time answering the many questions I get about the ketogenic diet. This breaks some myths and explains the basics of a ketogenic diet in the most absorbable way one could get in a book.

The Ketogenic Bible Review Chapter 2: Past Present And Future of Ketogenic Diets

This section goes a little more in-depth on how the ketogenic diet came to fame, where we’re now, and where we are going. There are some incredible visuals in this section, notably the one about how research gets misconstrued and messed up beyond belief on page 30. Check it out.

The Ketogenic Bible Review Chapter 3: Constructing A Keto Diet

This chapter is a great overview of how one would look into formulating a ketogenic diet for themselves. This can help you frame what you are going to eat and why you are going to eat it. If the why is clearer, you don’t have to worry about making the right choice as it will be pretty obvious. They break down the big macronutrients and then items such as meal frequency and intermittent fasting applications. Very helpful for a beginner.

The Ketogenic Bible Review Chapter 4: Supplementing With Ketones

We’ve already covered the ins and outs of ketosis supplements on this website, as that is why we started this company in the first place with our exogenous ketone product. However, the Ketogenic Bible book takes what we’ve covered in many articles and pulls it all into one section. If you’re into biochemistry and wonder how all this works, this would be a great section for you to check out to know exactly what is going on with exogenous ketones and keto supplements.

The Ketogenic Bible Review Chapter 5: Potential Keto Applications

This chapter is where the authors dive into everything they’ve seen in the research literature and break it down into a digestible form so you can understand what is going on with the ketogenic diet and what the actual applications are. This covers appetite and weight loss, diabetes and heart health and more. As these guys are super into research, this is one of the meatier sections of the book and where their expertise shines. If you’re interested in what research shows a ketogenic diet can be helpful, look here.

The Ketogenic Bible Review Chapter 6: Getting Started With Ketosis

This chapter would be one that most people would have help with. Like our getting started with ketosis guide breaks down, this chapter overviews all the nitty-gritty on how to do a ketogenic diet. This includes how many calories to shoot for, how to break down your macro count and how to do things one step at a time. This section also covers a lot of questions people may have getting started and is super helpful for the beginner.

The Ketogenic Bible Review Chapter 7: Science of Cooking

In my opinion, healthy eating starts in the kitchen. If you don’t know how to cook, you will always rely on someone else to do the work for you. Luckily Wilson and Lowery agree. This section breaks down the basics of cooking a ketogenic diet. Some nuances here differ from traditional cooking, so even if you’re a seasoned chef, you might learn a thing or two in this section.

The Ketogenic Bible Review Chapter 8: Recipes

Nothing crazy here. As with any book with information about nutrition or dieting, people (especially publishers) scream for recipes. With the advent of this crazy thing called the internet, many people can look up recipes anyway, so this isn’t a huge deal maker one way or another. They do have a good categorization of breakfast, appetizers, mains, desserts and basics.

The Ketogenic Bible Review Chapter 9: FAQ

This is a huge help for anyone on a ketogenic diet. There are so many nuances and individualism that it is nice to send someone to a tight spot to answer many of their questions. This chapter covers everything from the basics to the complex. All of this content is included in the actual book,

Ketogenic Bible Book Summary

You should probably pick up this book if you’re new or even a seasoned keto. The authors are at the forefront of the ketogenic space and will probably teach you a thing or two you didn’t know, even if you’ve been around the block with low carb. This is an excellent reference text and a read-through from front to back. The logical progression, excellent visuals and actionable information make this purchase a no brainer.

Where can you buy The Ketogenic Bible Book?

If you’re interested in the ketogenic diet, you should pick up this keto book. Wilson and Lowery hit a home run here, and it is undoubtedly the best book you can find on the ketogenic diet to date. The best place to pick this up is on Amazon. Click here to buy The Ketogenic Bible book.

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